What can break down more often on a car?

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Cars break down often, and this can be a frustrating situation for every car owner. On an important day, your car can break down if you don’t maintain it properly throughout the ownership.

I want to share the most break down issues so you could avoid them and keep your car running as new.

In other words, everything that contains rubber is prone to ageing and breaking more quickly.


Tyres can wear out, others more quickly and it all depends on the rubber quality and driving habits.

Driving aggressively can wear out the tyres more quickly.

A worn tyre can get a puncture faster than a less worn tyre, not only this but it can cause an explosion when driving at higher speeds, which is dangerous.

This will affect your fuel economy and will add more resistance, causing more stress on other engine components.

Have your tyres checked regularly and maintain the correct tyre pressure.


Bushings are made of rubber or other materials similar to rubber. These components are often put under stress on every car.

Bushings are found on a car’s suspension and steering joints, their role is to absorb bumps and potholes on the road to increase driving comfort.

As the rubber material is exposed to harsh conditions and constant pressure from driving, they wear out quickly.

When purchasing a new vehicle, bushings tend to last 2 to 3 years, but on a second-hand car they were out much faster. On my vehicle, I tend to change the bushings on the control arm and steering jack once a year, depending on the road surface how much I drive.

Bushings wear will be noticed by every driver as a rattling or clunking noise appear when hitting a pothole or driving on uneven road surfaces. The car’s steering might pull to one side or feel loose when cornering more aggressively.

Every component of the car such as the control arm, steering jack, strut mounts, tie rods and ball joints have bushings.

Bad Ignition Coils/ Sparkplugs

A petrol engine requires a spark inside the engine cylinder to cause an explosion for the piston to move up/down and create compression.

The ignition coils are responsible for the electricity provided by the car’s battery to the spark plugs for a spark to be created. This spreads a signal to the combustion chamber so the air and fuel mixture can be ignited.

The spark plugs on a petrol engine should be changed on every other service.

If the spark plugs or ignitions coils fail, the performance of the engine will fail too. Depending on the vehicle, there is an ignition coil and spark plug on every cylinder, if one fails, it will affect the performance of the car.


A flat battery is a common break down factor of many motorists. This can happen due to playing music without the engine running, old batter and not driving the car frequent enough.

Cars need to be driven at least twice a week to have good battery life. It is unpredictable how long a cars battery should typically last but in most cases, it’s about a month.

If you know that the battery on the car is old, get it checked out or replaced to avoid having a flat battery.

Remember the alternator is designed to maintain a constant battery voltage not to charge the battery.

Having a bad battery will put extra strength on the alternator which will eventually break down.

Timing Belt

The worst thing that can happen to any car owner is for the timing belt to snap. This can cause damage to engine components such as bent valves.

Timing belts have rubber teeth that bite the gears which can wear down and snap if it’s not replaced when necessary. The timing belt might begin to crack from ageing which can cause slipping and breaking.

The time to change your timing belt can vary from one manufacturer to another but it’s often before the vehicle reaches 100.000 miles or every 5 years.

People get really nuts around cars. They get angry at cars, they get angry at their car, they get angry at people driving in cars; there’s something really comical about that, about automobiles.

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